Recordings/Videos of the Opus Chorale


In the fall of 2018, Opus decided to enter an international choral competition sponsored by Barenreiter Music Company, one of today’s leading publishers of international choral music.  All choirs who wished to enter we asked to record, both video and audio, the same choral piece: “Maria (IV) by Swedish composer, Marten Jansson. To see and hear our video submission, click here. The recording was made in the sanctuary of Christ Church United Methodist, Charleston, WV on Sunday, October 28th, 2018.


In 2016, Opus commissioned a new choral work from Kim Andre Arnesen. This work is in memory of our friend and colleague, and former accompanist, Carol Eich. The work is complete and is now available through Santa Barbara Music. It is also available through the JW Pepper Music Company. Click here to see and hear “The Eyes of the Heart,” which was recorded in the sanctuary of Christ Church United Methodist in Charleston, WV.


To view the video announcing the American premiere of “Requiem” by Kim Andre Arnesen by the Opus Chorale of West Virginia, click here.

To view the video that features Kim Arnesen and his music, and features the Opus Chorale as recorded during the American Premiere of the Arnesen “Requiem,” which includes commentary by our Artistic Director and Conductor, David Donathan, click here..

Opus performs “Even When He Is Silent” by Kim Andre Arnesen – click here

Opus performs “Angele Dei” by Susan LaBarr – click here

Opus performs “Pie Jesu,” Movt 6 from “Requiem” by Kim Andre Arnesen (recorded during our American premiere of this work) – click here

Opus performs “We Remember Them” Movt 8 from “Requiem” by Kim Andre Arnesen (recorded during our American premiere of this work)  – click here

All of  these videos were recorded by The Media Center, located in Charleston, WV. The Arnesen feature video was prepared by J.W. Pepper Music Company using material provided by The Media Center.